Independent Strength Co., 2003. a DIY answer to the cost and too often ineffectual training of corporate gym membership.  Strength of Health is yours for the taking if you’ll but exert the requisite effort.  If the gym be your thing, all power to you.  Nevertheless, if you seek answers to issues employing economical means, this is for you.  We can train together, though we grow alone, each accountable for his and her own.  Yet by our growth, we make a better whole by refusing to be that weak link.  It’s a community of interdependence bred of an independent spirit.  Whether in a gymnasium or on the field, if it be for sport or (more laudably) for Life, here is the means by which to make a good you better, a better you best.  Separate yourself.  Settle for nothing less. FOR WHOM THE BELLS TOLL
The αρετη of STRENGTH
( ar-ET'-ay ) Character
Power and Strength
Speed and Endurance
Overall Physical Conditioning
Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity
Flexibility, Agility, and Athleticism
Deep Stabilizing Muscles and Connective Tissues
Your Body’s Anabolic Drive, Displacing Fat with Lean Muscle
Independent Strength Co.